Is the Delta Variation a Changed Form of the Coronavirus?

Recently I read an article in Natural News magazine written by a microbiologist who claimed that the Delta Variant is somehow different than the original corona strain. In reviewing the article, and reading the references, it appears the writer bases his or her argument on a paper published in Nature Magazine in May of 2021.

That paper indicated that scientists had isolated a new strain, which, when introduced into animals, produced a significant and sudden increase in the number of cancer cells. Since the virus is a very important part of the ecosystem as a natural pesticide, it can only be harmful to those who are eating it, hence this is supposed to be a bad news story.

But is the Delta Variant really different than the Coronavirus (CV)? The fact is that the virus has been studied extensively over the past twenty years since its discovery. There are strains that cause disease in humans, and other types which are associated with causing cancer. The latest research has been done using a well-respected virus journal.

The results of this research have been reported and discussed in detail in a recent issue of the Journal of Virology. There are eleven samples from eleven countries which were used in the study. Some scientists have concluded that the differences between the Delta Variation and the original Coronavirus are likely due to differences in the genetic coding.

Specifically, the researchers noted that there is a mutation found in the polymerase chain protein, or PCP, which has been linked in previous studies with the Coronaviruses. Specifically, the mutation was found to make the polymerase chain protein inefficient in trapping and breaking up the DNA from the viruses.

The authors of the recent study argue that with this mutation, the HPV virus will be more easily triggered into action. Since the PCP protein is involved in the production of the double-stranded viral envelope, it is easy to see how the mutation will allow the virus freedom to roam freely.

Another scientist, independent researcher Dr. Patrick Snaith, believes that the results of the study may be biased because the sample size was rather small. Specifically, Dr. Snaith notes that there were only five cases in which the HPV strains tested showed the presence of the delta mutation, and none of these cases produced conclusive evidence that the virus was present.

He cautions, however, that the same data might not have been available had the sample sizes been greater. Because he could not find conclusive evidence that the delta virus was present in all eleven patients, and since it is possible that the majority of cases had some other type of herpes, the results are inconclusive.

Those opposed to the notion that the delta is a mutated version of the original Coronavirus question the methodology of the scientists. They point out that the scientists did not test for the presence of other forms of the virus because their sample was too small and therefore it was impossible to tell whether the patient actually had herpes or not.

Additionally, they point out that the positive results from patients who received a diagnosis of herpes and did undergo laboratory testing showed the presence of the delta Coronavirus, but the scientists failed to detect it in those patients who did not suffer an infection.

They further point out that the only way to determine if the delta Coronavirus was present was to include all patients with prevalent infections in the same laboratory setting, which is not likely. Finally, some researchers question the validity of the data as being representative of the general population.

While it is possible that the true prevalence of the delta Coronavirus may be much higher than the number reported, since the number of cases observed did not include those who had never had an infection, the data still would not qualify as accurate.

Is the delta variation a changed form of the Coronavirus? The answer is, we don’t know. However, there are some hints of doubt that indicate that there might be something to this question.

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